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TUGboat 20:2, June 1999

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Blue Sky Research   c3 
Title page   81 
Addresses   83-84 
General Delivery
From the President 
  Mimi Jett 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
     Remembering Norman Naugle and Roswitha Graham
     New home for the UK TUG FAQ
     TUGboat authors' rights
     Home site for ConTeXt
     Credit where credit is due
     The growing Russian TeX library
     A new feature: Cartoons by Roy Preston
Norman W. Naugle—A Remembrance 
  Bart Childs 
Roswitha von den Schulenburg Graham 
  Dag Langmyhr 
You meet the nicest people … Father Everett Larguier 
  Mimi Burbank 
Views & Commentary
The french package on and off CTAN 
  Bernard Gaulle 
Response from the CTAN team   92 
Editor's commentary 
  Barbara Beeton 
The good name of TeX 
  Jonathan Fine 
  Petr Olšak 
Typographer's Inn 
  Peter Flynn 
A short introduction to font characteristics 
  Maarten Gelderman 
Metafont: Practical and impractical applications 
  Bogusław Jackowski 
Language Support
Typesetting Bengali in TeX 
  Anshuman Pandey 
Software & Tools
The CTAN May 1999 CD ROM set by DANTE e.V. and Lehmanns bookstore 
  Klaus Höppner 
Interacting pdfTeX, Perl and ConTeXt 
  Gilbert van den Dobbelsteen 
  Robert Tolksdorf 
Monk-ey business 
  Roy Preston 
Hints & Tricks
"Hey—it works!" 
  Jeremy Gibbons 
     Switchable marginal notes (Jeremy Gibbons)
     Smoothing augmented paths in MetaPost (Andreas Scherer)
     Every point a period (Ramón Casares)
Les Cahiers GUTenberg, Contents of Issues 31 (December 1998) and 32 (May 1999)   143-145 
News & Announcements
Calendar   146-147 
Late-Breaking News
Production notes 
  Mimi Burbank 
Future issues   147 
TUG Business
Institutional members   148 
Cambridge University Press   149 
TUG Business
TUG membership application   150 
TeX consulting and production services   151 
Y&Y Inc.   152 

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