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TUGboat 14:2, June 1993

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Inside front cover   c2 
Title page   93 
Editorial information   94 
Addresses   95-96 
General Delivery
Opening words 
  Christina Thiele 
Editorial comments 
  Barbara Beeton 
     TeX 3.1415, Metafont 2.71 on the way
     LaTeX2e coming in October
     Annual meeting at Aston University
     CTAN—the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
     TUGboat tables of contents on-line
     Encoding of 256-character math fonts
     Comment on font naming
The Donald E. Knuth Scholarship: 1993 Scholar and 1994 announcement 
  Nico Poppelier 
The A-in-LaTeX Contest: Deadline extended   103 
Fonts for Africa: The fc-fonts 
  Jörg Knappen 
Implementing the extended TeX layout using PS fonts 
  Sebastian Rahtz 
Zebrackets: A pseudo-dynamic contextually adaptive font 
  Michael Cohen 
From observation to publication 
  Theo Jurriens 
Book Reviews
Review of recent LaTeX books 
  Nico Poppelier 
     Helmut Kopka and Patrick Daly, A Guide to LaTeX; Antoni Diller, LaTeX Line By Line
Typesetting on PCs
ET—a TeX-compatible editor for MSDOS computers 
  John Collins 
Essential NFSS2 
  Sebastian Rahtz 
A pragmatic approach to paragraphs 
  Philip Taylor 
Truth in indexing 
  Lincoln Durst 
Letterspacing in TeX 
  Philip Taylor 
Cahiers GUTenberg #15   146 
News & Announcements
Calendar   147-148 
Index of advertisers   148 
Late-Breaking News
Production notes 
  Barbara Beeton 
Coming next issue   149 
TUG Business
Institutional members   150-151 
TeX consulting and production services   152 
Advertisements   152-157 

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